Poolin Wallet

Poolin Wallet

All for Your Crypto Assets

Saving, trading, loan, financial derivatives and DeFi — Manage your digital assets at Poolin Wallet for security and convenience.




One-Stop Platform of Crypto Assets

Save to Earn

Flexi-term earn, fixed-term earn, structured earn and DeFi. Flexible and diverse options for your convenience.

One-Stop Trading Service

OTC and cryptocurrency trading between dozens of popular coins can be completed with one-click.

Cryptocurrency Loan Service

Flexi-term loan and fixed-term loan. Ultra-low interest rates create easy and worry-free loan products.

Unique Financial Service

Cryptocurrency loan without interest, mining machine loan and hedging. Customized services and distinctive solutions are available.

Why Choose Poolin Wallet

Top Security

  • Based on the high-performance, distributed decentralized blockchain network Mixin Network.

  • Double transport layer encryption to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks such as CDN and cloud service providers.

  • The highest security level encryption mechanism (FIPS140-2 Level3 or CC EAL 4+ above).

  • Flexibility & Diversity

  • With multi-domain resource integration, diversified strategies, flexible product types, Poolin Wallet providing optional service for clients with different risk preferences.

  • Multiple digital asset services: Poolin Wallet provides dozens of digital asset financial services.

  • Professional Team

  • The senior investment research team, with core members from professional fund management institutions, securities companies and investment banks, has an average working experience of more than 10 years, and has accumulated rich experience in digital assets investment, trading, and management.

  • Poolin is boasting unique financial resources to escort your asset appreciation relying on the industry's leading industry accumulation and global vision.

  • Partners with Poolin Wallet

    Poolin has established long-term strategic partnerships with many large international financial institutions