Poolin Wallet

Poolin Wallet

All for Your Crypto Assets

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Security Mechanism

  • Private Key Multi-Signatures

    Poolin Wallet is based on high-performance, distributed decentralized blockchain network (Mixin Network) with 40+ nodes around the world and private key multi-signature storage.

  • Transmission Encryption

    Double transport layer encryption, eliminating CDN, cloud service providers and other man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Encryption Mechanism

    The highest security level cryptography (FIPS140-2 Level3 or surpass CC EAL 4+) with critical code running in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

  • Internal Risk Control

    Strict internal risk control mechanism, all internal operations are audited, encrypted and verifiable.

Focus on User Experience

  • Receive with Multiple Addresses

    Traceability of assets provides privacy protection

  • Multi-Account Management

    Multiple types of accounts create safe and convenient asset management

  • Diverse Gameplay

    Enjoy the fun of lucky money

Poolin Wallet

Poolin Wallet

All for Your Crypto Assets

Saving, trading, loan, financial derivatives and DeFi

One-Stop Platform of Crypto Assets

Save to Earn

Flexi-term earn, fixed-term earn, structured earn and DeFi. Flexible and diverse options for your convenience.

One-Stop Trading Service

OTC and cryptocurrency trading between dozens of popular coins can be completed with one-click.

Cryptocurrency Loan Service

Flexi-term loan and fixed-term loan. Ultra-low interest rates create easy and worry-free loan products.

Unique Financial Service

Cryptocurrency loan without interest, mining machine loan and hedging. Customized services and distinctive solutions are available.